Ouch! Homeopathy to the Rescue for Burns 

Campfire burns, oven burns, sunburns, radiation burns - homeopathy can help for both the pain and assist in tissue healing. If you’ve ever burned yourself on a hot stove or around a campfire, you’ll know how distracting that sting can be. I can be clumsy in the kitchen, and have burned myself more than once - if it’s a slight redness, I’ll just place my hand under cold water and fo[...]


Homeopathy Help for Hemorrhoids

Thanks to Pexels Polina Zimmerman

Hemorrhoids are common. And embarrassing. They can be painful, even debilitating, large and grape-like or hardly noticeable. How amazing then that the body can heal them, make them disappear just as swiftly as they came - but that’s the body for you, and it never ceases to amaze. Of the five top remedies for hemorrhoids, you’ll notice that the first three, Aesculus, Collinsonia and Ha[...]


Tackling Spring and Summer Colds and Flus Naturally with Homeopathy

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio Pexels

Cold and flu viruses tend to get the best of us during seasonal weather changes and with spring comes those warm days and cold nights - a time when the body hasn't quite adjusted to the new season. When a cold or flu hits, remember homeopathy. A well selected remedy can help the body recover faster and manage symptoms of aching, pain and exhaustion quickly so you're back on your feet fast.[...]


Top Homeopathic Remedies for Traveller’s Diarrhea

Who doesn't love traveling to hot, sunny climates during the cold winter season? Yet there’s nothing worse than being sick while on holidays, whether diarrhea is due to unaccustomed foods, germs or parasites. Taking a few remedies with you just in case is always a good idea, as homeopathy can ease discomfort and help the body recover if you do get sick. Homeopathic remedies for the acut[...]


Natural Remedies for Head Colds and Sinus Trouble

There's a saying "whoever finds the cure for a cold should bury it" because colds give us a chance to get the rest we need and deserve. Remember it next time you get sick: instead of popping a painkiller and pushing through an unproductive day of work, take a couple of days of rest and recovery along with a well chosen natural homeopathic remedy to build resilience over the long term. Sin[...]


Wildfire Season: Protecting your Health with Homeopathy

The world is watching as devastating wildfires burn across BC, the Yukon Territories and other parts of Canada and the world - even now as fall approaches. Homeopathic medicines can work wonders in acute situations like mitigating the effects of smoke inhalation on the body. It’s also a wonderful trauma remedy to help the body recover from the shock and grief for those having to leave th[...]


Top Homeopathic Remedies for Surviving Summer Heat

Beat Summer Heat with Homeopathy

Even the West Coast is experiencing record dry spells and heat waves this summer. If the heat has you down, here are my top picks for homeopathic medicines to help you and your family beat the heat. Of course, prevention is still the best medicine, so in the scorching sun, find cool shade, drink lots of water, don’t overdo it, and keep your blood sugar stable. When needed, remedies are a[...]


Our Access to Homeopathic Medicines and Supplements is Under Threat

I don't often write these kinds of posts, but this is important. Our access to homeopathic medicines is under threat and action is required before August 10th. I originally wrote this together with a team at Canadians for Homeopathy and I'm reprinting it here with a few edits to get the word out. Please share!The threat to homeopathy:Bill C-47 was passed by the Canadian government on June[...]

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