Appointments times vary. 

Phone consultations generally last about 15 minutes while initial adult consultations last about 90 minutes with an additional 15 minutes allocated towards picking up and discussing your particular remedy. 

Subsequent consultations last about 45 minutes. 

Children’s initial consultation typically lasts about 75 minutes which includes a 30 minute phone consult and 45 minutes for an office visit. 

Subsequent consultations typically last about 40 minutes split between a phone consult (15 minutes) and in-office visit (25 minutes)

Note that appointments are typically booked monthly for 3 months, then as needed as overall health improves. Since homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and last about one month, homeopathy tends to be cost effective compared to other forms of natural medicine.

First two appointments: initial consultation/pick up and plan are a package: 

Adults: $200.00; Children: $160.00 

Subsequent consultations:

Adults: $100.00 (45 minutes)

Children: $80.00

Acute phone consultations: $38.00 (15 minutes)

Missed appointments – appointments may be canceled without fee with a minimum of 24 hours notice): up to full appointment fee is charged for missed appointments

Homeopathic remedies: $10.00

Rates do not include GST – Short 5-15 minute check-in phone calls are included for all appointments – if more time is needed to answer questions or if a reassessment is required, another phone call may be booked.

Homeopathic remedies can be used to improve healing of short-term problems—such as injuries, influenza, pain—but its greatest value may be in helping resolve problems that will not resolve on their own, problems that recur or persist, whether they involve a troubled immune system, hormonal imbalances, pain, allergy symptoms, and fatigue etc.

Homeopathy offers a multitude of natural remedies for the whole family. Some people choose homeopathy because they experience health problems but the diagnosis is unclear or tests come back negative.

Consider homeopathy as a complement rather than as an alternative to conventional medicine, so it’s important you continue seeing your medical doctor for a diagnosis, regular checkups or emergency assistance.

Homeopathic medicines work with the body’s ability to heal. Therefore, they cannot be used for irreversible physical damage or genetic disorders, although it may still help symptoms associated with these illnesses.

Homeopaths rely on symptoms to guide them to the appropriate remedy, so certain diagnoses, such as high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure for instance, can be difficult to find remedies for (and often require dietary changes).

However, constitutional remedies which treat the person as a whole can often help these individual problems, even if no specific symptoms exist.

To fully address core imbalances, the initial 1.5 – 2 hour appointment involves a highly personalized consultation. While most people come to a homeopath for a specific health issue, homeopaths know that everything in the body is connected and address the whole. To accurately choose a remedy that sparks healing, homeopaths must gather symptoms as clues.  Because these clues are unique to each person, homeopaths ask many questions about the exact nature of these symptoms, when and how they appear etc. It is in the very nature of homeopathy that each person is cared for individually.

Following the appointment, your homeopath will need some time to properly assess the clues gathered and research your remedy. A short appointment is typically booked the following week to pick up your remedy, discuss the plan of action and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, the remedy can mailed to you. The fees for remedies are inexpensive, and consultation fees reflect the time involved in customizing the remedy, which are typically comparable to counseling or massage therapy fees, yet because they tend to be booked several weeks apart, it makes homeopathy very affordable.

As a highly individual form of treatment, progress depends on whether the problem is acute and short term or chronic and long-standing or recurring. For recurring or persisting conditions, improvements depend on the health and strength of the individual and on the homeopath’s ability choose a suitable remedy according to the clarity of symptoms presented. While results can not always be anticipated or guaranteed, personal timelines can be assessed and discussed with your homeopath at the follow-up consultation.

Rather than a quick fix which masks symptoms, the homeopathic medicine brings about gentle, measurable and lasting improvements along with benefits of overall well being that are without side effects. The Jump Start Package was developed with the new client in mind, offering a jump start into homeopathy while building and maintaining a healthier, more balanced body and healthy habits–all at a reasonable price.

The initial and first follow up appointments are essential; it is recommended that you see your homeopath monthly for a minimum of three to six months to ensure lasting benefits of remedies chosen for you. As symptoms improve, your homeopath will need to see you less often. Further appointments are tailored toward individual needs and on an as needed basis.

Some clients prefer to maintain regular contact with their homeopath to continue working towards optimal health or maintaining health, in which case appointments are scheduled more regularly. Others prefer to wait until problems recur before returning for an appointment. Either way, your homeopath is your resource for optimal health. If a year passes before you book your appointment, it may be time to check in for a constitutional remedy.

Classical homeopathy is a way of treating each person individually and as a whole. That way, remedies boost immunity, balance hormones or soothe inflammation because they spark the body’s own healing, restoring resilience and vitality at the core. In classical homeopathy, only one remedy is given at a time.

Complex homeopathy, which includes a formulation of many remedies for a specific condition, does not involve individual remedy selection, but is convenient for those less familiar with homeopathy and when only a superficial treatment is required. You may find complex homeopathy formulations for conditions such as allergies or coughs to treat the problem in the moment, but your susceptibility toward the allergy or cough will likely remain unchanged.

Classical homeopathy restores health by strengthening the constitution and building inner resilience.

Constitutional treatment is the form of treatment used in classical homeopathy. It involves a thorough evaluation of all aspects of your health which is necessary to treat core problems and improve the body’s resistance to illness. Your initial appointment is automatically constitutional.

After the initial consultation, your homeopath can treat acute problems as they arise, such as the flu, earaches or any other short term conditions. Whenever acute problems last or recur, then constitutional treatment is necessary to restore the body’s health.


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