Homeopathy is a unique natural medicine that has been used for over 200 years and is trusted by 250 million people around the world, including many celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth, Cindy Crawford, Alanis Morissette and Paul McCartney – also elite athletes such as soccer star David Beckham, tennis great Martina Navratilova, and olympian Usain Bolt , to name a few. Homeopathy works by restoring the body’s natural ability to repair and balance itself, speeding recovery and creating a strength and resilience that lasts. Homeopathic medicines typically come in the form of tiny pills that are specially prepared, dissolve on the tongue and taste pleasantly sweet. Homeopathy is evidence based and there is research showing efficacy. 

Most people turn to homeopathy because of nagging symptoms that just won’t resolve on their own. Homeopathy revitalizes the body, helping resolve symptoms but also creating balance, strength and resilience to actually improve your level of health.

Homeopathy can be used at home for many simple problems such as for mild infections, coughs, earaches, influenza, injuries, pain and inflammation. Take a workshop to learn more about home remedies.

Homeopaths have been educated in homeopathy for years, becoming experts in using homeopathic medicines to boost health by tailoring remedies specifically to the unique symptoms a person experiences (known as classical homeopathy, which raises the health of a person with long term benefits).

Naturopaths have extensive training in many forms of natural medicine and supplementation, but only some are trained in classical homeopathy specifically. Some naturopaths who use homeopathy may use multiple homeopathic remedies at a time as more of a blanket approach. Homeopaths and naturopaths often refer clients to each other.

Homeopathic remedies have been used successfully for over 200 years. Scientific testing has been carried out for decades, with beneficial results published in journals including the British Medical Journal, Lancet, Pediatrics etc. In 2011, The Swiss government reviewed the evidence on homeopathy and published its conclusion—that homeopathy is not only effective, but also cost effective, because of the long term benefits of homeopathy to raising a person’s level of health.

Remedies work according to the like heals like principle, which means that a remedy which causes symptoms in a healthy person will heal similar symptoms in a sick person. For instance, Coffea, made from the coffee bean, is one of the primary remedies for insomnia  when you feel jittery and can’t sleep, and Allium cepa, made from the onion, is a leading remedy for hay fever. This may seem counter-intuitive, but vaccines work similarly to spark the self healing process.

Because homeopathic remedies are uniquely prepared, they have no toxic side effects and can safely be used by pregnant women, babies and the elderly. In France, 95 % of pharmacists recommend homeopathy to pregnant women. Nonetheless, homeopathic remedies should never be repeated indefinitely or used carelessly since it is medicine.

Unlike herbs or supplements, homeopathy uses exceedingly small but powerful doses of natural substances. The medicines originate from natural sources, mostly plants and minerals, which are prepared in a unique way through a series of repeated dilutions and succussions (vigorous shaking) which leave behind nanoparticles which make the medicines more powerful, while removing any impurities or toxins from the original substance. It is through homeopathic Provings (when homeopaths take the remedies themselves to determine its effects) as well as through clinical experience and scientific studies that we know how effective homeopathic medicines are. Many people are catching on to homeopathy not because of the science, but because it really works – for themselves, their children and their pets, .

Still not convinced? View a collection of scientific studies or case studies

Homeopathic remedies do not interact with medications, making it possibly the perfect complementary medicine. While homeopathy should never replace conventional medical care, for instance if you require a diagnosis, checkup or emergency assistance, many people choose homeopathy because they experience symptoms but the diagnosis is unclear or when medications cause side effects or do not resolve chronic, nagging symptoms.

There is no evidence that homeopathy can provide the same protection as vaccines, so it cannot replace conventional vaccines. Historically, homeopathic medicines have been used preventatively during epidemics in the short term and can be used to help the body recover more quickly after vaccination.

In homeopathy, the ultimate goal is a stronger, healthier body that is less susceptible to nagging health problems, feels more vital and resilient, and recovers more quickly and easily from acute illness, injury and stress, requiring less rather than more treatment over time, naturally and without side effects.


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