Initial appointment

Is a 90 minute consultation to allow for a thorough evaluation of your health overall and to address root imbalances. You will be asked details about your symptoms, health goals and other questions about your unique history, digestion, stress, sleep etc. *

Children appointment

Is a 75 minutes consultation and includes 45 minute office time and 30 minute phone call with a parent prior to the initial appointment.

short second appointment

Is booked within the week to pick up your remedy, allowing time for your homeopath to thoroughly assess and tailor the remedies to your unique symptoms and health needs. At this appointment we will discuss your personalized health plan. **

Subsequent appointments

Are typically booked monthly (also more or less frequently as needed) for the first few months to ensure the best long term outcome. During these appointments, we discuss your personalized health action plan, assess remedy selections and determine how to best maintain optimal health. Packages include additional benefits and best rates–please inquire.

acute phone consultations

Are available for simple illnesses that develop unrelated to constitutional care. Homeopathy is an excellent medicine when a home remedy is needed to shorten duration and improve symptoms, however homeopathy should never replace conventional medical diagnosis or emergency treatment.

* Appointments can be booked at the office or virtually over Zoom/Skype. For appointment rates please see the Appointment FAQ page

**The remedy may also be mailed to you upon request and the appointment can be made over the phone or virtually. .

Ready to start feeling better?

RATES & Duration

Initial consultation Adults


Initial 90 minutes also includes remedy pick up/plan (15 minutes).

Initial consultation children


75 minutes–typically 30 minutes phone consult; 45 minutes office/and pick up and plan (15 minutes included).

Subsequent consultations ADULTS​


45 minutes consultation.

Subsequent consultations CHILDREN


30 minutes office, 10-15 minutes phone consult.

Acute phone consultations


15 minutes consultation.

Homeopathic remedies

$10 – $15


Nicole has helped me through some really tough bouts of low energy, flu and generally unhealthy times. She is a highly skilled, conscientious and truly caring practitioner who also provides excellent follow-up.
While looking for a natural approach to treat seasonal allergies a number of years ago I found Homeopathy and have not looked back. I believe it has both boosted my immune system and enhanced my overall health.
Among the most recent studies, homeopathy added to conventional care in cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and in children with ADHD showed significant better improvement than just using conventional care alone.

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