Thank you to all my clients and students for allowing me to be part of their health journeys!

I saw Nicole for my occasional depression. I appreciated the way she took time to listen to my experience of depression and asked questions about what else was going on in my life. Unlike a traditional doctor’s office, I didn’t feel rushed or unimportant with Nicole. Rather, I felt like she truly understood me and my health problems. The remedy she prescribed made a huge difference in preventing “bad days” for me. Nicole also took time to follow up several times, making sure that the remedy had worked. Her care definitely felt holistic and I recommend Nicole to anyone seeking help with depression or other health problems.

Bonnie Way Blogger aka The Koala Mom

Nicole is a healthcare professional who embraces the Body/Mind/Spirit Connection, which I very much appreciate. Using homeopathy, I have received tremendous help in turning my health issues around by working with Nicole, and today, besides having no skin or digestives issues, have a clear and calm mind and am positive about my abilities and the future. I recommend to everyone to add Nicole Duelli to their healthcare team.
Judith Rimes, R.H.N.
Academic Director of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Nicole Duelli is an extremely knowledgeable and wonderful homeopath. I have been seeing her since January of 2016. She was able to help me with my health issue that I had struggled with for several years. She has a caring and introspective style that made me feel at ease when talking to her. Nicole has shown me a whole new perspective on health. With sincere gratitude.

I have been consulting with homeopaths for myself and my family for more than 30 years.  Nicole is one of the most conscientious, reliable and accessible homeopathic practitioners I have met.  She remains calm, caring and curious in the face of dire situations and she makes herself available for feedback and followup.  I want to thank her for her ability to find remedies for me over the many years I have been relying on her.  

Jeff Chernove

I have now had two separate sets of consultations with Nicole on two very different issues: healing following dental surgery and insomnia.  In both instances Nicole provided exceptional care, educated me on the recommended homeopathic remedies, and gave clear instructions for their use that quickly sent me on the path of healing naturally.
Sandra Abraham

Between recurring bouts of bronchitis and a long standing case of Plantar Fasciitis I was one frustrated individual!  I live a very healthy lifestyle (non smoking, regular cardio) and had tried so many different treatments for the Plantar Fasciitis – all to no avail. Nicole recommended some Homeopathic remedies and, though it took some time, my feet are now so much better (I am starting to run again) and I have not had the bronchitis recur since I have my new Homeopathic arsenal! Thanks Nicole, you know I am a fan.
Stephanie G.

When I was aboard our boat, Seabear, on BC’s isolated north coast, I experienced a painful ailment for which surgery was the only suggested solution. Nicole helped me find remedies which not only relieved the symptoms but healed my body. Now I don’t go to sea without two things: a homeopathic kit and Nicole’s phone number. She is my best health resource.

Georgia Marvin

Nicole has helped me through some really tough bouts of low energy, flu and generally unhealthy times. She is a highly skilled, conscientious and truly caring practitioner who also provides excellent follow-up.
Laurie M.

Homoeopathy is a highly sophisticated therapeutic system which has been used, and refined, for over 200 years to alleviate the sufferings of mankind with considerable success. Nicole Duelli has been a colleague for over 20 years. She is a highly competent and ethical practitioner who I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.
David Gerring, MD

For eight years I took pain medication daily to relieve chronic arthritic pain. Nicole Duelli gave me a remedy and within a few weeks I had stopped taking pain medication entirely. I will be forever grateful for discovering her and homeopathy.

Val Van Clieaf

While looking for a natural approach to treat seasonal allergies a number of years ago I found Homeopathy and have not looked back. I believe it has both boosted my immune system and enhanced my overall health. Thanks to consistent classical homeopathic treatment I have been able to avoid cortisone and nasal surgery which other in my close family have undergone. With her combined knowledge of homeopathy and nutrition coupled with her deep understanding and caring for people Nicole Duelli has become one of Vancouver’s best alternative practitioners.
Beverley Sharwood

Nicole, your workshop struck a great balance between sharing the potency of Homeopathy in an accessible way while teaching from the perspective of someone with decades of clinical experience. I left feeling confident and excited to use the remedies with my family straight away. The resources you provided for us were clearly outlined and I have been able to use them as a quick reference to determine the right remedy for a given presentation. I look forward to continuing to deepen my understanding of Homeopathy with you! Many thanks
L. Ormiston

Three months ago I started receiving Homeopathic treatment for my Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis from Nicole Duelli and it has change my life significantly for the better. For 16 years I have suffered from these conditions that have increasingly worsened over the years to the point where I was unable to do even the most basic activities without excruciating pain.

As most other people do, I sought a number of treatment types including yoga, physical therapy, acupuncture and conventional medicine in hopes of getting relief from these conditions. Some of these provided me some relief but nothing that was lasting. I began talking to Nicole about my condition and the effect that is has been having on my quality of life. She offered to work with me to find a Homeopath treatment that would help my body to heal and recover from my conditions.

At this point in my life I had lost hope of ever finding any real relief from my pain and honestly never believed that I could find a cure for it. Over the course of the last three months I have begun to experience what I had thought was impossible, relief from my pain and seeing and feeling my body healing itself. For the first time in years I started to have hope all because of the dedication, experience and knowledge that Nicole has as a Homeopath. Nicole is the most genuine, caring and kind person that I have met. As a Homeopath, Nicole is second to none.

Yvona Buhler

If you are looking for a health practitioner that really cares about you and getting to the bottom of your health issues – then Nicole is the person for you! Nicole takes the time to get to know you and to explore all the possible reasons for your issues before prescribing a homeopathic solution. I highly recommend Nicole!
Cora Naylor

I wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated your wonderful care over the years. You were always kind, compassionate and an amazing healer! I’m glad I’ve found a homeopath here in Toronto, but I do miss being in your care. I always feel safe and completely understood in every way.
Ilanna M.

Nicole has been my homeopath for about twenty years. Throughout this time, she has provided me with homeopathic remedies and common sense advice. These have helped to quell many irritations such as sleeplessness, irritability, itchy skin, and muscle tension. As a homeopath, Nicole is knowledgeable, reliable, caring, thorough, and tenacious. She asks many questions to get at the root of the real problem, and in so doing, her questions illuminate patterns that I wouldn’t otherwise have noticed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicole to anyone who is suffering and needs relief.

Allyson Butt

I found the first aid workshop to be very valuable. Bumps and bruises are very common in my house with 3 kids. Nicole guided us through all sorts of remedies to deal with many first aid and travel situations. I felt confident leaving the workshop knowing how to best support my family and others when the need arises. I have already put my knowledge to work helping a friend with some bug bites for her child. Nicole knows her homeopathics and her passion about it shines through. I will be attending more workshops as they come!
Leanne Cederberg

I just recently attended a first aid homeopathic course for home and travel with Nicole Duelli and found it very informative. What I found striking about doing this course is that it is very simple to understand and implement. I discovered how passionate Nicole is about holistic care and every question asked in the course was met with enthusiasm. She has such a passion for holistic knowledge and loves sharing it with others! Thank you Nicole!

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