Homeopathy, the Flu, and Epidemics–Free Webinar

Homeopathy has a rich history in helping during epidemics such as the 1918 Spanish Flu and can support the body's natural immunity and ability to heal itself when used as an integrative natural medicine, especially when staying at home is the best recommended course of action. Learn more about the potential of homeopathy and what […]

Homeopathy for Digestion: ONLINE EVENT

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition ONLINE EVENT 2245 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

What do you do when good nutrition just isn't enough? Homeopathy of course! Since homeopathy is a system of medicine which boosts the body's natural ability to heal, it works to relieve symptoms gently while building health and vitality overall. What makes homeopathy unique is each person is treated individually and the remedies are prepared […]


Homeopathy, the Flu and Epidemics

Online , Canada

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Homeopathy, the Flu, and Epidemics Learn about Homeopathy’s rich history for epidemics such as the 1918 Spanish Flu and its potential to support the body’s natural immunity this flu season, especially when used as an integrative and complementary medicine and when staying home is the recommended course of action. […]


Natural First Aid with Homeopathy Course: Now Online

Online , Canada

Wish you had natural first aid remedies to keep at home, for sports injuries, insect bites, summer flu that are simple and effective? Homeopathy is a great family medicine—in this introductory course, learn which remedies to keep on hand and how to use them safely, effectively for ailments you can treat at home and what […]


Homeopathy Book Club: September 2020

Online , Canada

Wish you knew a little more about homeopathy and how it works? Read this book and watch the webinar. You can email me to receive a downloaded copy of the book at info@vancouverhomeopath.com.


Healthy at Home with Homeopathy all Winter – Online

Online , Canada

Learn about natural home remedies for the entire family for winter illnesses such as a fever, cold, flu, earaches and more. Wish you had home remedies on hand for those nagging winter ills? Worried about someone in the family getting sick over the winter months? Homeopathy is a system of medicine which helps kick start […]


Coping with Anxiety and Stress Using Homeopathy

Online , Canada

In times of anxiety and stress, do you wish you had some natural remedies on hand that are free of side effects? Be your family’s best health resource and learn about the homeopathic remedies you can keep in your natural first aid kit for problems like panic, test anxiety, emotional distress, and periods of overwhelm. […]


Homeopathy at Home: Top Remedies for the Natural Medicine Cabinet

Online , Canada

Have you always wanted to have natural medicines on hand just in case you or someone in the family gets sick? In this introduction to homeopathic medicine at home, you will learn how to use natural remedies that are exceptionally safe and effective for adults and children alike. Discover the top picks for simple problems […]


Homeopathy Relief for Allergies and Colds

Online , Canada

Learn about the top remedies for managing symptoms of allergies and colds. Spring means warmer days, budding flowers and trees—and sometimes, watery eyes, runny nose and itchy throat, chest heaviness or skin eruptions. Allergies are on the rise due to warmer seasons and an increase in toxic chemicals in our environment. Since homeopathy works with […]


Healthy with Homeopathy at Home Series-April-October 2021

Online , Canada

Wish you had some natural remedies at home just in case? Homeopathy is a natural family medicine—in this introductory series, learn which remedies to keep on hand and how to use them safely, effectively for ailments you can treat at home to keep yourself and your family healthy. We will cover the top remedies you […]