Nicole has helped me through some really tough bouts of low energy, flu and generally unhealthy times. She is a highly skilled, conscientious and truly caring practitioner who also provides excellent follow-up. ~  Laurie

 I have been consulting with homeopaths for myself and my family for more than 30 years.  Nicole is one of the most conscientious, reliable and accessible homeopathic practitioners I have met.  She remains calm, caring and curious in the face of dire situations and she makes herself available for feedback and followup.  I want to thank her for her ability to find remedies for me over the many years I have been relying on her. ~ Jeff Chernove

 When I was aboard our boat, Seabear, on BC’s isolated north coast, I experienced a painful ailment for which surgery was the only suggested solution.  Nicole helped me find remedies which not only relieved the symptoms but healed my body.  Now I don’t go to sea without two things:  a homeopathic kit and Nicole’s phone number.  She is my best health resource.  ~ Georgia Marvin

For eight years I took pain medication daily to relieve chronic arthritic pain. Nicole Duelli gave me a remedy and within a few weeks I had stopped taking pain medication entirely. I will be forever grateful for discovering her and homeopathy. ~ VVC


While looking for a natural approach to treat seasonal allergies a number of years ago I found Homeopathy and have not looked back. I believe it has both boosted my immune system and enhanced my overall health. Thanks to consistent classical homeopathic treatment I have been able to avoid cortisone and nasal surgery which other in my close family have undergone. With her combined knowledge of homeopathy and nutrition coupled with her deep understanding and caring for people Nicole Duelli has become one of Vancouver’s best alternative practitioners.  ~ Beverley Sharwood.

I wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated your wonderful care over the years. You were always kind, compassionate and an amazing healer! I’m glad I’ve found a homeopath here in Toronto, but I do miss being in your care. I always feel safe and completely understood in every way. ~  Ilanna

Between recurring bouts of bronchitis and a long standing case of Plantar Fasciitis I was one frustrated individual!  I live a very healthy lifestyle (non smoking, regular cardio) and had tried so many different treatments for the Plantar Fasciitis – all to no avail. Nicole recommended some Homeopathic remedies and, though it took some time, my feet are now so much better (I am starting to run again) and I have not had the bronchitis recur since I have my new Homeopathic arsenal! Thanks Nicole, you know I am a fan.  ~ Stephanie 

I appreciate your thoughtful treatment and support. ~ Heather C