Reset your Sleep Schedule with Homeopathic Remedies

Simple solutions for a good night’s sleep:

Homeopathy offers some excellent remedies for insomnia with the added benefits of being non toxic and without sleepy side effects that herbs and medication sometimes cause. There are basically two different kinds of remedies: the kind for the occasional sleep problem, likely due to a temporary situation, and the […]

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Top Cough Remedies for the Winter

Incessant tickling in the throat keeping you up at night? Or is it a loose productive cough that just won’t go away? In my experience, homeopathic medicines can provide quick relief for a cough that persists despite all kinds of syrups and teas though the symptoms must fit for it to work, so choose wisely.

Here […]

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Reset Your Sleep Schedule Naturally

We’ve all heard it—regular sleep keeps us fit, sharpens memory, prevents illnesses like diabetes—and ensures emotional balance. Yet getting enough sleep is becoming more and more elusive. We have endless distractions, less routines and more choices. According to Stats Canada (2010), 46 percent of Canadians will avoid sleep to complete some activity—which may not be […]

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Water Therapy Beats Poor Circulation and Low Energy

European Kneipp hydrotherapy is a simple home treatment perfect for the summertime.

Small Changes: Big Impact

I believe that small changes practiced every day can impact health in a very positive way—keeping you healthier longer. What’s amazing about water therapy is that it’s free, you can do it in the comfort of your own bathroom and you can […]

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Heal Allergies Naturally

 Allergies–What Are They?

Allergies have existed for thousands of years, although the term allergy was coined a mere decade ago. Originally, allergy meant altered reactivity, meaning that a person with an allergy reacted and experienced symptoms from a substance that was harmless for most people. In the last fifty years, while allergies have increased exponentially, the […]

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Quick Remedies for Croup

Homeopathy Trio
The cold, wet factor is back in Vancouver with a vengeance and along with it comes colds, coughs and croup. As a parent, I’m grateful for the quick relief remedies often provide and these work so well that I’ve converted many a parent on homeopathy’s benefits just because of how well it works for […]

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How to Keep Winter Immunity with Homeopathy

With fall underway and winter just around the corner, so are the flues, fevers and colds.  

Homeopathy offers simple tools to help boost the body’s immune system swiftly, effectively. In fact, as a mother of two, I`ve found there really is nothing like the peace of mind of having a few of these powerful natural […]

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Facts about Homeopathy

In my local travels, I have come to know that homeopathy is often confused with herbs, that some people think you have to believe in it for it to work and that generally, it’s not well understood–which prompted me to come up with these–what I believe to be 10 very cool facts about homeopathy.

1. Homeopathy is not herbal medicine

Homeopathy is an […]

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Homeopathy for a Trip to the Dentist

Tips to Ease the Discomfort of Dental Work

If you’re filled with dread when you make your dentist appointment, I have some tips for you. Remedies offer a totally safe, natural treatment that is easy to administer and effectively helps ease the pain and discomfort that often goes along with dental work. Whether you are having a tooth pulled or just […]

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Just One Simple Health Resolution

Develop just one healthy habit this year–and stick to it

If you’re going to make just one resolution to put bounce back into your step, make it an easy one. People often don’t make changes because they think it’s too hard or it won’t really make a difference. From a homeopath’s perspective, beauty and energy come […]

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