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Heel spurs are deposits of calcium along the heel. While heel spurs may be the cause of inflammation in the heel, not all types of heel pain are due to heel spurs, and not all heel spurs cause pain. Because they are calcium deposits that typically form after an injury, they do show clearly on an X-ray. Calcium deposits do take a period of months to develop, and they become more common as we age, so remember that any treatment will take time.

When there is pain associated with the calcium deposits, the remedies Arnica montana, Rhus toxicodendron or Ruta graveolens are usually your best bet. Choose the closest fit according to the symptoms you experience–see previous blog for a more thorough explanation. However, while these natural medicines will help with the pain and inflammation associated with heel spurs, when there are calcium deposits, these remedies may not be enough. An excellent addition to the homeopathic medicine is the Schuessler cell salt Calc flour 6x. This cell salt can complement homeopathy without interfering to help manage calcium deposits anywhere in the body, including the heel. The usual dosage for a Schuessler cell salt is to take 4 pills 2-3 times daily.

In fact a recent study published in 2017 showed that “Homoeopathic treatment was effective in 3/4th of CS (Calcaneal Spur) patients, and Rhus toxicodendron and Calcarea flouricum are the two most commonly used medicines.”

If there are no clear symptoms with the heel spurs or the above remedies don’t do the trick, Hekla lava is an excellent choice. The British homeopathic medical physician Dr. Margery Blackie treated many people suffering from heel spurs and indeed, she writes in her book, “Classical Homeopathy.” that Hekla lava is her first choice, with Calc. flour. being her second. I would follow that advice if you’re not sure what medicine to give–but first follow the golden rule in homeopathy, which is to pay attention to the symptoms and the person rather than purely by medical diagnosis. If the symptoms clearly indicate a remedy, don’t hesitate to give it.

The history of the remedy Hekla lava is quite interesting. Hekla lava was first discovered as a possible homeopathic medicine for calcium deposits when a physician noticed that animals had a strong predisposition for developing bony growths after grazing on the volcanic rich soil of Mount Hekla, an active volcano in Iceland. in homeopathy, all medicines are chosen according to the like heals like principle, meaning that an agent that can cause illness can be used as a healing agent when symptoms present similarly.

The general dosages for homeopathic medicines are as follows: choose a 30ch potency giving it once daily for 3 days and then once a week if more is needed–in the case of a heel spur, you’ll certainly need to continue this medicine for several weeks. Once you see a clear improvement, stop. If the symptoms are more intense, increase the number of times you repeat the remedies: for instance, take the 30ch potency twice daily for 3 days, then twice weekly, reducing as symptoms improve. If there is no improvement or when in doubt, consult a homeopath on how to take the medicines correctly for your constitution–and seek out a medical physician if you need a clear diagnosis.