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Nothing can quite stop you in your tracks like a fracture. It’s painful, it takes time to heal and it must be immobilized—usually with the help of an awkward, bulky cast. While you can’t change those facts, you definitely can help your bones heal more quickly and more completely. Both my cousin and my daughter broke a bone in their hand—within a month of each other this summer. And just think how often you might need a second hand! One break was from a nasty slip in the bathtub and needed surgery, the other was from a crazy boating trip in Thailand, and it took awhile to get medical attention. When she realized it was broken, here’s what I recommended.

Choosing the correct homeopathic remedies can help heal bone fractures quickly:

    1. Arnica 30ch: is my totally reliable remedy for any injury, as it works wonders as a natural anti-inflammatory, painkiller and stimulates repair. Take 3-5 pills Arnica 30ch three times daily for three days, then once daily for the rest of the week. As symptoms improve, just take as needed. If the pain disappears and the inflammation down, stop the remedy. If you knock it or if an ache returns, take it once or twice a day for a few days. For a broken bone you can choose a higher potency, such as a 200ch, but in my experience the 30ch potency works quite well too, and it is more widely available. If you choose to take Arnica 200ch potency instead, take it less often: twice daily for three days and then two to three times over the following week. As with the Arnica 30ch, after a week, take only as needed, which means less rather then more often. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s self healing response, so there’s no need to take it constantly—in fact taking it as needed really does produce the best response. By paying attention to what the body needs, you can always adjust the dosage,  and when you’re feeling better, stop.
    1. Symphytum 12ch: is the ultimate bone knitting remedy. It kick starts the bone healing process so that the bone callus heals quickly and gains strength. Take Symphytum 12ch 3-5 pills twice daily for 10 days, then once daily for another 3 weeks. I prefer the 12ch potency whenever a remedy needs to be taken for a longer period, like a few weeks, however if the 12ch is unavailable, Symphytum 30ch can be substituted, but use less frequently. The recommended dosage is once daily for 10 days, then once a week for another 3 weeks.
  1. You can take these remedies together by alternating them. Take Arnica for the inflammation and soft tissue repair, Symphytum for the bone knitting. They both will help manage pain.
  2. This should be enough for the average healthy person. However if you have low bone density and you feel you need a little extra help, you can add the Schuessler cell salt, Calc phos 6x, taking 3 pills three times daily, dissolved on the tongue. Calc phos 6x is thought to improve the uptake of calcium and phosphorus by the cells and tissues, which supports bone healing. 

Homeopathic remedies are widely available at health food stores and natural health pharmacies—or find it in the supplement department of your grocery store. While they are safe for children and pregnant women, I would recommend visiting a homeopath to ensure the remedy and the potency are a good fit. Do take the remedies about 10 minutes away from food or drink and allow them to dissolve on or under the tongue. 

Why homeopathy:

While the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, nudging it along with homeopathic remedies can help manage the pain and inflammation so you need less painkillers and as it’s completely natural, there are no side effects. Since homeopathic remedies do not interact with medications, you can safely continue any needed meds without worry, however, make sure the remedies you are taking are truly homeopathic, not herbal or mineral. Homeopathic remedies always have a latin name and potency, for instance Arnica 30c. If the potency is not listed, (ie. 30c) it’s not homeopathy. My favourite reason to take homeopathic remedies for an injury? It acts fast and spurs the body’s own healing, so bones heal faster and stronger. David Beckham used homeopathy among other treatments after he broke his foot weeks before the 2002 Fifa World Cup soccer game. He was back in action in time for the game. 

Here’s the research:

A study published in the medical journal BMC Complementary Alternative Medicine in June 2012 showed that the bone healing of fracture was accelerated using the homeopathic remedy Arnica. This was a double blind placebo controlled study of 67 patients recruited from the Emergency orthopaedic department, so the study was a high quality one. Not only did the patients under homeopathic care heal faster, with significant improvement in the fracture line and callous formation, but these patients also reported using less painkillers and having overall less pain than the patients not under homeopathic care. 

As for the remedy Symphytum, an excellent article was published by George Vithoulkas and Dionysis Tsintzason on four cases of fractures, with impressive results on speedy recoveries. One case appeared to be healing poorly until the addition of remedies. The results are shown with x-rays, and other previous studies are cited. 

Do you have your own homeopathy story to share? Please let me know!