“I can use it directly on the soccer field, within seconds of the trauma, and note the results almost immediately.” Those were the words of Dr. Jean-Marcel Ferret, team doctor for the FIFA World Cup winning soccer team in 1998 when he was talking about homeopathy in an interview. In France homeopathy is well respected and integrated into the medical system, not only for athletes, but widely, for everything from pregnancy ills to chronic, nagging symptoms. In Europe, homeopathy is trusted by over 100 million people.

Medicinal Plant Arnica by Max Pexel

Arnica montana for First Aid

Whether you’re an athlete, a mother of two or a person who likes to have first aid remedies on hand just in case, Arnica is one of those remedies that can earn the trust of most people: it is easy to use and so helpful for injuries. For my kids growing up, playing soccer, running and biking, Arnica was a staple in the first aid cabinet! Arnica cream was gently slathered on the bumps and bruises while the pills were reserved for those times when the cream was not enough: the black eye, the sprained ankle and even the concussion—luckily a mild one—after a head injury on the soccer field. In fact, it was Arnica that helped the symptoms of a fellow soccer player get back to school after a second concussion wasn’t resolving with symptoms of recurring headaches, sensitivity and trouble focusing. The body already has a remarkable ability to repair itself when given the chance, and homeopathy is fantastic at helping that healing process along, so less time is needed for repair and symptoms just seem to melt away. Here’s Dr. Oz recommending Arnica for bruises in this video.

Wonders of Arnica

One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had with Arnica was when a client who had come in for a regular constitutional appointment asked me if there was anything homeopathy could do for a large hematoma (pooling of blood) in his hip that developed after a bad fall while riding his bike. It had been two weeks, with several doctor’s visits, anti-inflammatories and even massage, all with no resolution. Within two days of giving Arnica, the blood clot disappeared, much to everyone’s surprise. It is truly amazing to witness the body’s ability to repair itself so quickly with the help of a few doses of Arnica. Of course homeopathy can only work with the body and cannot replace the care needed during an emergency visit or when a diagnosis is needed.

Remember Arnica for any injury when the tissues are sore, achy, swollen and inflamed. Think of it for all injuries, but it is also a great remedy for healing and recovery after childbirth–or after a marathon run if you can’t move the next day. A double blind placebo controlled study on marathon runners showed an improvement in muscle soreness after Arnica D30. This wonderful natural medicine also facilitates tissue healing after surgery, as evidenced by a study published in the journal Archives for Facial Plastic Surgery, which showed significant improvement in bruising in a group given homeopathic Arnica compared to an untreated group given placebo instead. Another study, published in the American Journal of Therapeutics in 2016, on the Effectiveness and Safety of Arnica montana in Post-Surgical Setting, Pain and Inflammation. suggested that homeopathic Arnica could be an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, at least when treating some specific conditions.

Recommended Dosages

For general home use, Arnica 30ch is the perfect strength since it works quickly and can be repeated as needed. For most injuries, take 2-5 pills three times daily for up to three days. The golden rule in homeopathy is once the symptoms improve, take the remedy less often and do not repeat unless needed. The pills should be taken away from food–they taste pleasantly sweet and dissolve easily on the tongue. This 30ch potency is widely available and can be found at any health food store, natural health pharmacy or grocery store. For bruises and bumps, Arnica cream is the better choice, although avoid it on cuts, where Calendula cream is best.

When to Follow with Additional Homeopathic Remedies

If symptoms do not resolve after taking Arnica, this indicates that another remedy is needed to complete the repair. Homeopathy always works best when selected according to the specific symptoms a person experiences, so for additional remedies, visit your local homeopath or attend a workshop on Homeopathy for First Aid.