Earaches are one of those illnesses that you just can’t leave alone: they are painful, often excruciating, so it’s hard on the person–often a child–in which case it’s also hard on the parent. Antibiotics are often given because of this need to do something–anything–to make the pain go away, even though antibiotics don’t offer quick relief, they don’t prevent recurrences and they disrupt the body’s natural biology and immunity. So what to do?

Homeopathy to the Rescue

Homeopathic remedies offer some great choices and remedies often act fast. Be aware that the suggestions below are recommended for home care only, meaning that they don’t replace the need to follow up with a doctor who can look in the ear and give a proper diagnosis and advise on whether home remedies are indeed enough–usually they are, but it’s best to be sure!

I’ve seen homeopathy nip earaches in the bud swiftly and completely, but the symptoms must suit the remedy for it to work its magic. Choose one of the following remedies based on the best fit:

Belladonna 30ch: for earaches that develop suddenly and with some severity, typically with high fever, red cheeks and hot, dry skin. Children who are mostly healthy, but then get strong, sudden symptoms when sick often need this remedy. Belladonna works best when given fairly early on.

Chamomilla 30ch: for earaches in babies and toddlers who are visibly upset, even angry and may be screaming with rage. In a case like this, Chamomilla calms the child and allays the pain. This is also an excellent remedy for teething, and sometimes earaches and teething appear together, in which case Chamomilla often fits.

Hepar sulph 30ch: is an excellent choice for earaches that are excruciating and exquisitely painful to the cold and to touch, and the person may feel a need to cup the ear after being out in the cold. Hepar sulph may be given early if the symptoms fit, but may also follow other remedies such as Belladonna, if after three doses, there is no change or the remedy stops working.

Pulsatilla 30ch: for children with earaches that are painful, but not severely so. Pulsatilla is typical children’s cold remedy–although there are other remedies too–so choose Pulsatilla for earaches that develop after a cold (also Hepar sulph) when children are weepy and clingy and just need constant attention when sick–or if the earache develops more slowly and is not so painful.

Herbally, a few drops of garlic, mullein, hypericum oil, warmed slightly and put directly into the ear can also be helpful to allay pain.

When to seek help: There are other remedies, but I have kept it to four for the sake of simplicity, and usually one of these listed above will be enough to stimulate the immune system to resolve the earache naturally. If none of the remedies fit or if earaches recur, I highly recommend visiting a homeopath who can guide you through a series of remedies that will help the immune system on a deeper level–not only resolving the earaches in the moment, but preventing them from recurring in the future. Homeopathy is not a quick fix, but rather a system of medicine that helps the root of the problem and in my experience it can work wonders. Nothing is more frustrating that having a constantly sick child in the house–or being constantly sick yourself. If this happens, seek help–there’s so much that can be done!

Dosages for self help use: I recommend the 30ch potency because homeopathic remedies in this potency are remarkably safe for self help home use and the results should be clear. The dosage is the same for adults and children, and is based on how strong the symptoms are rather than body weight because all homeopathic remedies are in the form of nanoparticles, exceedingly small dosages that are remarkably safe. For severe pain, give 3-5 pellets every 30 minutes while on way to the doctor’s office–otherwise, every 2-4 hours for 3 doses and then re-evaluate. If after 3 doses the pain is gone, then stop and repeat only if the symptoms return–or if the pain is diminished but still there, give less and less often, perhaps 8-12 hours apart–but if there is no change after 3 doses, then it’s the wrong remedy, leaving you to choose the next most suitable remedy or visit your homeopath for sage advice.