In this day and age of endless choices and endless information, you’d think we’d be happier and healthier. Instead, the opposite seems true: we easily become overwhelmed and anxious by too many choices and too many things to do. Here are six tips to keep it all in perspective:


  1. Finish things. It’s so easy to get caught up with too many tasks that add to the lengthy list of to do’s. A long to do list unsettles the mind and increases anxiety. Instead, finish what you start. Right then and there. Need motivation? Think how free you’ll feel at the end of the day with that task completed—or the stress of adding it to your list and weighing on your mind.
  2. Go to bed early. There’s nothing like lack of sleep to create nervous tension and when you’re already feeling overwhelmed, rest and sleep become priority number one. It’s better to rise early with a fresh start than try to finish tasks at the end of the day. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I follow my kids to bed—and now that they’re older, you might find me in bed before they are!
  3. Spend time in reflection. Whether you like to meditate or walk in nature, spending quiet time with yourself creates balance and puts you back in touch with your own needs. Anxiety often appears at times when we are stretched to our limits, and it’s a good reminder to get back in touch with YOU, whether you only have 15 minutes or an entire day to spare.
  4. Cultivate awareness. When you choose to do something or purchase an item, do it consciously, not automatically. Buy something because you need it, do something because it’s rewarding in some way or gives you pleasure. Of course some tasks seem dull or exhausting, like house cleaning or going on a run—but they are nonetheless rewarding. Be aware of the tasks and purchases you fill your life with or they will overwhelm you.
  5. Lower expectations. I often try to be one of those high achievers—or make everyone happy. For instance, It’s my birthday and I want to invite friends, cook delicious food, clean the house and make it special—and all of a sudden the fun event becomes a chore. Accepting that it’s the togetherness that counts, learning to let go and sharing the chores puts the fun back into the party. Accept what you can and what you can’t do.
  6. Keep order. Anxiety often appears when we feel out of control. Take a few minutes to clear space, recycle less used items. Creating visual space and order to a room calms the mind and cultivates inner peace. Words of caution however: unless you have the time, avoid taking on an entire closet, which temporarily adds to the mess, the work and could increase anxiety–or just get help to do it.

Besides these tips, homeopathic remedies create balance and tame the overcharged nervous system. There are remedies for stage fright, panic attacks, and overwhelm. Workshops are a great way to learn about homeopathic home remedies for short term situations like these, but if problems are chronic or recur, seek the help of a homeopath instead. With homeopathic medicines, I have helped mothers overwhelmed by the new challenges of motherhood, as well as overachievers who have passed the point of exhaustion by the demands of their jobs and even children challenged by their seemingly irrational fears. Homeopathy is an amazing medicine that attends to each person individually, and taps into the body’s natural ability to self-heal, helping relieve symptoms naturally and raising the overall level of health.

More on what home remedies are helpful in the next post!