With fall underway and winter just around the corner, so are the flues, fevers and colds.  

Homeopathy offers simple tools to help boost the body’s immune system swiftly, effectively. In fact, as a mother of two, I`ve found there really is nothing like the peace of mind of having a few of these powerful natural remedies on hand in case someone in the family gets sick. Since homeopathic medicines work best when individually selected, there are a great many remedies for winter ills, but here are a handful of my favourites:

  1. For the flu with fatigue: Gelsemium 30c is one of homeopathy’s best flu remedies when symptoms of exhaustion develop. If you feel  achy, chilly and so tired you can barely get yourself around, Gelsemium is sure to help.
  2. When symptoms are just starting to develop: Ferrum phosphoricum 30c is best for fevers, sore throats, colds, even dry coughs in the first 12-24 hours or so to help ward off symptoms before they take hold.
  3. For colds from overwork, lack of sleep and poor lifestyle choices: Nux vomica 30c (also known as Colubrina) is so common for colds because it mitigates symptoms of stress and overwork combined with lack of sleep, so common in today’s hectic lifestyle.  When Nux is the remedy, you need to take a step back and take better care of yourself!
  4. For colds that begin with sneezing: Natrum muriaticum 30c, although not so common a remedy for colds, is virtually infallible for warding off colds that start with clear, runny mucous and attacks of sneezing.

Dosage: take 3-5 pills of 30c potency every 2-4 hours for 3 or 4 doses and then only as needed. Stop as symptoms improve. If there is no improvement after 3 or 4 doses or symptoms worsen, do see your health care provider. Use common sense—these homeopathic suggestions are only recommended when home remedies are needed and not meant to replace good medical care.

You will find these homeopathic remedies work within a few hours if you start taking them early on, so it’s best to purchase a few and keep them on hand just in case—or get yourself a homeopathy kit. If your symptoms don`t match one of the above or you would like a more complete list of remedies, I recommend investing in a good first aid and acute homeopathy guide—or take a workshop!

Just a note about herbs:

Echinacea is often recommended and works fine for short term boosting, over the period of a few weeks, and it`s quite safe as long as your immune system is in good working order. I’d recommend it if you are about to travel or everyone at the office or at school seems to be sick and you want to ensure your immune system is strong. Astragalus, on the other hand, is perfect over long term periods, and can safely be taken for several months. While it`s a little more gentle, it`s a wonderful herb, great for adults and kids alike.