Tips to Ease the Discomfort of Dental Work

If you’re filled with dread when you make your dentist appointment, I have some tips for you. Remedies offer a totally safe, natural treatment that is easy to administer and effectively helps ease the pain and discomfort that often goes along with dental work. Whether you are having a tooth pulled or just have sensitive teeth, this is–in my opinion–where homeopathy shines. The added bonus is that you will find there aren’t any side effects and it won’t interfere with other medications you may be taking.

Tooth extraction

Arnica montana is an excellent remedy for any type of surgery, including dental surgery, as it not only speeds healing of soft tissue, but helps prevent excessive bleeding. Whenever nerves have been injured or you have sharp, zinging pains, choose Hypericum. If you prefer, you can take both remedies by taking them alternately. A 1986 study in France revealed that 76% of patients treated with these remedies experienced pain relief. In my own experience, Arnica and Hypericum are so amazing that you will hardly need painkillers even for wisdom teeth–depending on the extent of the surgery, of course. For those interested in more studies on homeopathy, I highly recommend the book by Bill Gray, Homeopathy, Science or Myth. The additional benefit of homeopathic remedies is that healing is promoted and problems are prevented. You can safely continue taking these remedies 3-4 times daily for 3 days. A gentle rule in homeopathy is that when you feel better, stop taking the remedy.

Ouch! Sensitive teeth

If soft tissue damage and sore gums leave your mouth aching, Arnica again is the best remedy. In homeopathy, your symptoms will guide you to the correct selection of remedy, so if you are feeling sharp, zinging pains or your teeth feel oversensitive, Hypericum is the better choice. Also use Hypericum when your nerves are on edge and everything hurts more than it should.

While there are other remedies for tooth pain, I find it best to keep it simple when you’re beginning to use homeopathy and these remedies will work in most cases. However, if you’d like to read more, Dana Ullman has written a chapter on homeopathy and dentistry in his first book, Discovering Homeopathy, Medicine for the 21st Century. Or if you are looking for more in depth information on homeopathic medicine for dental pain, including remedies for middle of the night toothaches (while waiting for that dentist appointment), Robert Ullman and Judith Reichenberg-Ullman have written a comprehensive article on their Healthy Homeopathy website.


On different note, many people fear the dentist–even to the point where they avoid going at all. My recommendation is to find a dentist who is compassionate about your fears and make an appointment, taking the remedy before you go. Gelsemium is an excellent remedy to take the edge off those anxieties about going at all. If the fear is a complete panic, as some children have, I’d recommend Aconite instead. Start taking it as soon as you feel anxious, even if it’s the day before, but usually taking it a couple of times before your appointment will be enough.

I encourage everyone to test the restorative powers of homeopathy. It really works! You’ll find a 30c strength is widely available and safest to use, taking 3-5 pills as needed on the tongue for a maximum of four times daily for not more than 3 days. If you find you need more, do seek the advice of a homeopath to guide you.