Especially with a family and a knack for getting into all kinds of scrapes of my own, homeopathic medicines are wonderful to have on hand. While homeopathy only occasionally seems miraculous—and how lucky when it is!—at the very least it’s a most dependable natural home remedy, all free of side effects.


On that note, I’ve put together a group of seven homeopathic remedies I’d put in my home first aid kit for around the house and garden. Needless to say, take care not to over treat—sometimes all that is needed is a little ice. But if ever the slightest doubt about an injury, go to a professional for a diagnosis.


Arnica 30c: I’ve put Arnica first on the list because it is the initial medicine to consider for virtually any injuries, especially bad bumps and bruising, headaches after a bump on the head (even for concussions) or to help stop bleeding from an injury. You can also use it for that extreme soreness if you’ve outdone yourself after gardening (or a workout)—although Bellis perennis is better if you have it. Remember Arnica cream to prevent and treat unsightly bruises, especially when you don’t need a remedy internally—but never use it on broken skin (cuts). The rest of the list is alphabetical.


Apis 30c: is recommended for stings when there is a lot of swelling, heat and redness, especially after Ledum or if Ledum does not seem to be helping. For rashes that become very swollen, red and hot, Apis is also the remedy.


Bellis perennis 30c: is perfect for that achy soreness after way too much gardening, digging ditches or whatever else you may have asked of your muscles this summer. The next best remedy is Arnica.


Calendula 30c: for ragged, sore cuts. I have found the herbal tincture near miraculous for healing cut, broken and raw skin. Add about 10 drops to ½  cup of water to heal cuts and sores. Calendula cream is wonderfully soothing for scrapes, dry skin and rashes, but be sure to read the labels for any additional ingredients added by some brands.


Hypericum 30c: for any injuries to tips of fingers, tailbone or whenever you’ve injured a nerve. A fingertip pounding from being hit with a hammer, probably needs Hypericum. If the pain is shooting along a nerve, it calls for Hypericum instead of Arnica.


Ledum 30c: is the remedy for any puncture wounds, especially to the palms or feet—which means, also use it for bee or wasp stings—or anything else that bites, although if there is a lot of swelling, give Apis 30c instead. For painful black eyes, Ledum 30c is typically recommended if you have it (but Arnica usually also works if you don’t).


Rhus tox 30c: will help calm intensely itchy skin rashes. It’s also used for sprains which are very stiff on first getting up in the morning, better after limbering up but then worse again from overuse at the end of the day. This might be a sprained ankle or a sore back—as long as it’s very stiff, but better while moving, it should help. Typically, Arnica is needed when the injury first occurs, then move on to Rhus tox when the symptoms fit.


Dosages: Take 3-5 pills on the tongue 2-3 times daily for a maximum of 3 days. Let the symptoms guide you: take it more often when the pain is more—and less often, the less the pain. If you feel better, stop.


Remember that homeopathic remedies spark the body’s healing, but it can’t straighten a broken bone, replace rest during a concussion or stitch a wound that needs it, so use your common sense. Happy summer!