Yes, there is research!

I am still amazed by how much misinformation exists about homeopathy. One of my pet peeves is that the idea that there is no scientific evidence to support homeopathy. Sure, research is expensive and compared to the pharmaceutical companies, there are fewer and smaller studies–and yet, they not only exist, but there are more and more studies every year, many of them well researched and using double blind controls. considered to be the gold standard for science and many of them published in conventional medical journals. Some focus on explaining how homeopathy works on a scientific level, while others centre on specific conditions, like fibromyalgia, PMS or influenza. For more information and explanation on research, check out Dana Ullman’s books and his blog at the Huffington Post.

2014 Review of Research Articles:

The year isn’t over and as of September there are already more than 60 published research articles on homeopathy compiled by the National Centre for Homeopathy. Many of these articles you will find in conventional medical journals, which I think is fantastic because what health consumer doesn’t want the best of both worlds? I’ve copied the list for your convenience, but for more information and direct links, please find the original list on the NCH website:


2013 Review of Research Articles:

According to the National Center for Homeopathy, there are no less than 44 published research studies on homeopathy in 2013. I’ve copied them below, but for direct links, please find the original on the NCH Website.


Of course the list doesn’t end here. Please view the NCH website for earlier years.